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Written by Administrator
Monday, 28 September 2009 19:07

SCITRANS will translate, edit or proofread your scientific publication or report, your presentation, website, newsletter or thesis.

Languages: English, French and German in all combinations,
as well as Chinese <-> English and Chinese <-> German

Translations: SCITRANS provides high-quality translations, so that you can reach out to your target audience or readership. On request we will use your company’s specific terminology.
We specialize in life sciences, with a focus on biology, biochemistry and medicine.

We will also gladly take care of your general translations, such as business or private correspondence.

Proofreading: Checking spelling, grammatical accuracy, punctuation and consistency of your text will ensure that your clients take you seriously.

Editing: Optimizing your text’s structure and making sure it is reader friendly helps you achieve your communication objectives.

Audio Transcription: SCITRANS will convert audio and video material  into a text file (word for word or in a revised form), so that you can keep written records of meetings, presentations and interviews.

Interpreting: SCITRANS is available for consecutive and negotiation interpreting (Chinese - German and German - Chinese)